Our mission: To be helpful in any engineering-related endeavor which increases efficiency, extends the capability or enhances the quality of life. We excel at technically challenging projects which require thoughtful study, detailed physical understanding, and sound analysis

What we do: We are a small consulting engineering firm specializing in the evaluation and optimization of structural, thermal, magnetic and fluid systems.

Who we are: Myatt Consulting, Inc. was formed in 1999 by Leonard Myatt. A registered professional mechanical engineer in the state of Massachusetts, he has been involved in the field of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) since 1981. He serves as the principal engineer on all projects, and engages highly qualified experts with various backgrounds to assist during particularly heavy work-load periods, and when a broader range of experience is required.

Our Expertise: We specialize in performing design evaluation and optimization studies using ANSYS, the analysis industry standard. We have strong experience in the fields of:

  • Magnetic: Superconducting and normally-conducting electromagnets (quadrupoles and dipoles, rotary and linear synchronous motors, magnetic launch, levitation and transportation systems, generators, telemetry coils, magnetrons and art hangers)
  • Structural: Large-scale high-field electromagnets, Silicon wafer processing chambers and gas valves, test rig fixtures and plastic components
  • Heat Transfer: From high-temperature plasma devices to cryogenic magnet systems
  • Fracture Mechanics: Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) applied to metallic structures and cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC)

Working with us: Clients seeking to evolve, qualify or optimize a system or component, will benefit from a representative finite element model which simulates the essential behavior of the device (stress, temperature, magnetic fields, and or fluid flow). We use the power and flexibility of modeling to evaluate potential design changes without costly prototyping and lab time. This leads to a better design, and a shorter product development time-line.

Our Services: We welcome jobs ranging in scope from a few hours of expert review to multi-month partnerships. Agreements begin with a jointly developed Statement of Work (SOW) that defines your needs and our commitments. This SOW will also specify the appropriate fee structure; the majority of our contracts adopt a Not To Exceed (NTE) price forecast, a minority will specify fixed-price quotes. Throughout the project, we will conduct on-site meetings and/or use e-services for our ongoing communications. Most work is summarized by a detailed technical report comprised of an executive summary, analysis description, results, attachments and references. Color plots, sketches and CAD drawings are used to supplement text to produce a clear, concise and complete body of work.

The true pleasure of this business comes when a solid working relationship is developed based on trust and mutual understanding. Critical project tasks are outlined through careful dialogue, and a useful analysis is produced which allows the client to make educated decisions about the product

— Leonard Myatt

Contacting Us: If you have a project which would benefit from our expertise, please e-mail Myatt@myattconsulting.com, or phone and speak with Leonard Myatt directly.